I posted a link to patwa.org in the Jamaican National Dictionary group on facebook. Check out all the buzz it created in the comments below. I know it's way too much for people to read but I thought I'd post it here anyway.


Varun Brasil Baker

Hey, what do people think about http://patwa.org/ ?

Patwa Organisation | Jamaican Language Audio Dictionary


Welcome to The Patwa Organisation. Patwa.org is dedicated to the organisation of the Jamaican patois language. You can browse the audio dictionary or...

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Black Raven I really like the concept... I'll have a closer look later!

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Aduku Addae It's reall cool!

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Aduku Addae ‎*really

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Nicola Ricketts Wescott Yeah, thanks Varun.

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Varun Brasil Baker thanks!

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Abraham Anderson Cool. Interesting how Dancehall is so prominent in the keyword cloud.

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Varun Brasil Baker true, I think it is the most popular tag on the site so far. This will shift as content is added and updated.

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Carolyn Cooper Brilliant! Gwaan same way!

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Eric Rosenfeld By coincidence, I just happened across that site a couple nites ago, and I was going to post link to it here. The only reason why i didn't is that i had just posted a bunch of stuff and didn't want to clutter things.

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Mark Richards Nuh bad but it look like serten wud meening wrang .... like ALIAS.

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Varun Brasil Baker lol, thank you Mark. Yea, it need nuff editing and many more words.

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Eric Rosenfeld Wa rang wid 'alias' Mark Richards?

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Jaynia Samaroo Definitely love the concept!!!!!!!!!!!! Great idea for sure! Good job Varun!! I'm sure the vocabulary base will be built up as we continue our dialogue here. I have a question re the written form of Patois. Will you be doing anything to help with it's standardization? I know this might be alot to ask, but i am facing a similar issue on my Youtube channel where i am teaching the translations and primarily pronunciations of Patois. I think that with all the great work done before us to convert Patois into a written language( Cassidy et al), and now with the Bible translation into Patois, we who are working on marrying the written and oral form of the language, have a responsibility to not 'un-do' some of the work by using 'our' version of spellings and working to align ourselves with what the Language Unit is trying to promote. It certainly presents a challenge to me in my project, as i am sure it would you. But as a people, i think if we all take the time now to work together to ALIGN our projects, then we will go a much further way in getting the true recognition, that our language deserves. Right now, if we do this, we can help the people (even Jamaicans) who have a haad taim fi riid di patwa..lol. If the Bible translation being done using this Cassidy system, then Varun Brasil Baker, you are at a great point to help. OK, so i am still struggling with the written language miself but mi a trai wok panni :-) What do you think??

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Jaynia Samaroo Also, when you all get a chance, you can check out this video and my channel. I will definitely try to roll out the remaining videos using the Cassidy system as best as i can. I definitely would appreciate any guidance to ensure i am standardizing the language properly.http://youtu.be/F6syBXasM-8

Best Introduction to Jamaican Patois


Comprehensive video overview of the Jamaican Patois language and disspelling a f...See More

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Mark Richards Never heard the word ALIAS used in that sense Varun Brasil Baker. Ask around if anyone else ever heard it so used.

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Aduku Addae I have heard 'alias' used in this manner, viz: "(adj.) (urban slang) dangerous, violent."

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Varun Brasil Baker Hey Jaynia, great videos! Yes, standardization it definitely something I am putting a lot of thought into. I was debating whether to use the Cassidy system for standard spelling on patwa.org . I think it would be worthwhile fi trai wok panni. I wrote this some time ago:http://patwa.org/patois/standard-spelling/standardise-language also, please check out the following post by Carolyn Cooper who gives us a great example of why we should start thinking about English and Patois as distinct languages in Jamaica: http://patwa.org/patois/deaf-dumb-and-blind-%E2%80%98justice%E2%80%99-%…

Standardise the Language? | Patwa Organisation


Check out this website:http://www.jumieka.com/aatagrafi.html It uses a written ...See More

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Varun Brasil Baker ‎Jaynia please let me know if it would be OK to feature some of your videos on the website.

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Aduku Addae And why are Jamaicans looking to Cassidy for standardization of their language again. Is Cassidy the originater of the language?

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Aduku Addae CROSS REFERENCE this thread:https://www.facebook.com/