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D.J. a person who sings or scats along with dub music, sometimes called "toasting"
DAAL split peas, usually a thick soup, from Indian cuisine, from Hindi.
DADA father
DALLY executive zig-zag movements on wheels or on foot (6) to ride a bicycle or motorbike with a weaving motion, as when ones weaves around potholes. (5)
DAN DADA the highest of DON'S
DAN than
DARKERS sunglasses
DASHEEN a big soft yam-like root, often slightly greyish when cooked. It is related to the coco, but one eats the "head" instead of the tubers.
DAWTA a girl, woman, "sister," girlfriend
DEAD HOOD (the H is silent) = A man that can't perform sexually. Impotent. (29)
DEADERS meat, meat by-products
DEESTANT decent, good
DEGE or DEGE-DEGE little, skimpy, measly, only, as in a two dege-dege banana., insufficient
DEH (n.) there, (v.) see dealing "Me and him deh, i.e. He and I are a couple; He is my man, etc."
DEY to be, exist, as in "No yam no dey". From Ewe de or Twi de - to be
DEY 'PON to be engaged in action or continuing activity literally "there upon" As in "it dey pon de table". (29)
DI the
DILDO MACCA dangerous macca or thorn that will bore you up